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07/03/05 -
[fractal] :)

07/03/05 -
[fractal] :)

Unreal Texture Pack Generator V1.0

This small utility should help in putting together your texture packages. Here is a small list of what it can do:

read images (.jpg .jpeg .dds .bmp .tga .gif .ppm .tif .cel .pcx)

create a texture pack with or without texture compression

set compression for individual textures

set alpha for individual textures

set mask for individual textures

set mipmap generation for individual textures

set group for individual textures

propagate these settings to all textures

prescale images to meet the power-of-2 requirement

generate Unreal compatible texture names from file names

The application is actually only a front-end using the great nVidia nvdxt utility and ucc to create the texture pack itself.

The utility can do a lot more than the usual ucc pkg texture import which can only import pcx images and requires very tedious ini-file editing to set individual texture properties. It also can't do anything for images with wrong size or format.

Instead this utility uses the nvdxt commandline tool provided by nVidia which is used to convert the images into Unreal compatible form (when compressing). These images are in turn packaged by creating an UScript file which in it's turn is compiled with UCC. The resulting *.u file is then simply renamed into correct place and name.

The application requires the UT2003 to be installed into the system. It checks the registry for that.