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15/12/07 -
[quake3] :)

Axis of view : to change axis of view during a replay the best is to bind keys.

For exemple bind F5
"cg_thirdperson 1 ;
cg_thirdpersonRange 70 ; default 80
cg_fov default 80

take a screenshot, and then return your HUD to the way it was.
bind F11 "cg_draw2d 0;
cg_drawhands 0;
wait; wait; wait;
toggle cg_draw2d;
toggle cg_drawhands"

and to bring it back bind F6 "cg_thirdpersonRange 40 ;
cg_thirdperson 0 ;
cg_Draw2D 1".

bind F12 "playermodel fpls;
cg_thirdPersonRange 0;
cg_thirdPersonVertOffset 0;
cg_thirdPersonCameraDamp 1;
cg_thirdPersonTargetDamp 1"

bind F11 "playermodel player;
reset cg_thirdPersonRange;
reset cg_thirdPersonVertOffset;
reset cg_thirdPersonCameraDamp;
reset cg_thirdPersonTargetDamp"

cg_thirdpersonrange **
in & out

cg_thirdpersonangle ***
left & right

cg_thirdpersonvertoffset +/-**
up & down

// toggle draw hud
seta hud "vstr first_hud"
seta first_hud "cg_draw2d 0;cg_drawgun 0;set hud vstr second_hud"
seta second_hud "cg_draw2d 1;cg_drawgun 1; set hud vstr first_hud"
bind h "vstr hud"


syntax: cg_thirdperson [0/1] default: 0
Toggles third person view. 0=disables;1=enables.

syntax: cg_thirdpersonangle [value in degrees] default: 0
Sets the viewing angle on the horizontal plane when cg_thirdperson is set to 1.

syntax: cg_thirdpersonrange [value] default: 40
Sets the viewing distance from the player when cg_thirdperson is set to 1

bind F10 toggle cg_drawFPS

Setting these cvars to "0" will help with motion
sickness :

seta cg_bobup "0.000"
seta cg_bobpitch "0.000"
seta cg_bobroll "0.000"
Seta cg_runroll "0.000"
seta cg_runpitch "0.000"

removes annoying message unsafe to use them Speed Dll's.


UT maps for Q3
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15/12/07 -
[quake] :)

Quake 3: Arena Point Release 1.32c

441.91 Kb

Ludwig Nussel and Thilo Shulz discovered a vulnerability letting a malicious client
download files from a server if auto download is enabled ( sv_allowDownload 1 ).

A second issue fixed in this release would let a malicious server exploit a buffer
overflow to execute a shellcode on connecting clients.


q3 tutorials
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15/12/08 -
[quake] :)

cg_bobup No cyclic up and down view movement
cg_bobpitch No cyclic back and forth view movement
cg_bobroll No cyclic side to side view movement

cg_runroll No view tilt due to running
cg_runpitch No view pitch due to running

these setting are for quake3
Setting these cvars to "0" will help with motion sickness :

seta cg_bobup "0.000"
seta cg_bobpitch "0.000"
seta cg_bobroll "0.000"

seta cg_runroll "0.000"
seta cg_runpitch "0.000"

seta m_filter 1 Smooth out mouse input

visual[ aqua]
guide [settings]


15/12/07 -
[quake3] :)

"quake3.exe +set fs_game arena +bot_enable 0 +set vm_cgame 0 +set vm_ui 0 +set sv_pure 0"

HOW TO PLAY: Hit the tilde key "~" and optimize Q3A to your computer's capabilities with the following list:

256+ Megabytes:
seta com_hunkmegs "128"
seta com_soundmegs "32"
seta com_zonemegs "32"


15/12/07 -
[quake] :)

Shortcut for the starting ReactionQuake3

In order to skip the start up screen, you can make a copy of your Quake 3 Arena shortcut.
Right click on this shortcut and go to properties.
Inside this screen, you can add +set fs_game rq3 at the end of the
Target line [example: "C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe" +set fs_game rq3].

"C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe" +set fs_game rq3 +set cl_punkbuster 1



15/12/07 -
[quake3] :)

Trick Jumpers Friend v0.1 Mod

Defrag type mod for Quake 4 trick jumpers

Toon Generator
Galbraith's Cartoon Outline Generator use with MilkShape