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07/03/05 -
[quake] :)

cl_bob <1|0> - if zero, then no weapon bobbing
cl_bobcycle - adjusts time between each bob
cl_bobup - adjusts amount that the weapon bobs

Syntax: cl_bob

Default: 0.02

The CL_BOB variable affects the amplitude of the bobbing of the player's weapon.


Syntax: cl_bobcycle

Default: 0.6

The CL_BOBCYCLE variable affects the frequency (speed) of the bobbing of the player's weapon.
This might be the time of one "bobcycle" in seconds.
Don't set this to zero, even if you have deactivated bobbing.


Syntax: cl_bobup

Default: 0.5

The CL_BOBUP variable affects the time the weapon stays at "the end of the cycle", ie. at its topmost height.


07/03/05 -
[quake] :)

m_filter 0/1

"1" turns on the filter.
This really smooths out mouse movement.
This setting is a must for mouse users.


See also "-dinput".

-dinput :
Add this to your batch file command line for direct input of mouse or joystick.
ex: use a Logitech Mouse.
bump up the sensivity for the mouse control in your Quake autoexec.cfg
file from 3 to 5 after adding "-dinput".
The mouse is much, much smoother using "-dinput".


Turning off vertical sync
Vertical sync has a way of making the mouse response time feel extremely high,
making your aim effectively worthless. To tunr it off: vid_vsync 0

Expansion Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon
Expansion Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity


10/09/07 -
[quake] :)

bltpowah quakeworld/eyecandy/

cfree1b2 Map
jqfs3 Map



07/03/05 -
[quake] :)

Command Line

One way to configure your Quake client is to change your command line.
This is what parameters you send the program when you run it.

An example of a command line for fuhquake:

C:\quake\fuhquake-gl.exe -width 1024 -height 768 -bpp 16 +cfg_load fuh.cfg

An example of a command line for moreqw:

C:\quake\glmqwcl.exe -width 800 -height 600 -bpp 16 +exec more.cfg

We're sending width, height, bpp, and the cfg_load command to fuhquake-gl when its run.
There are commands that can only be sent in the command line (like width, height, and bpp).
Other in-game commands can _also_ be sent in through the command-line (use a + before these commands).
It's not a bad idea to set your config file to be loaded on game start.
If you use morequakeworld, instead of +cfg_load , use +exec .