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ut2004 maps links
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the-70-s LegoSpaceBase glacialsanctuary glacia link bathroom
lostplanet dm-flat MushroomLake dm-lost DM-sHoK-CP-2k4 brute
Monastery yro yro2 dm-decimated DM_{GGMJ}_Relax GGMJ
dm-constructor cdm-constructor classic dmcoliseum downtown keggerparty
utzone xboxadapter DM-Deck17-FPS levels4you converter skaarj
ut updates mutator u1_to_2k4 dm-door302-2k4 boss shocker
dm-tecta CTF-2on2Spacelego free style APbulletin mpc 2k3 dm-mpc-greatroom
neotkyo DoomMonsters2 Half-Life monsterpack tempestx2 SLV205
Halo's Infinity vivid flying frozenworld hl2mlite3 webspace
linux tga legobase ut2 UT2Cse
gfxviewer facinghomers uclassic kgalleon2 ut classic2k4 spellborn
U1ToUT2k4 behance link x ONS-CBP2-Valarna le minh
bohemiapacki ons-bt-aria cn25 ons-bt-spatus x gamefront onslaught
titan x FragBU RMD list list2
ons-perimeter ons-noxious ons-zeroimpact articstronghold ons-chainsisle2 ons-sandstone
ons-shyron x ons-bramideon_se ons-dinora ons-maelstrom ons-minus-ece
ons-surripere-ece ons-ahebban ons-dryice-ece ons-airmars-h3 ons-zeitkind flagpack

07/05/28 -
[2k4 maps] :)

to decompress files
Acorp UTGM v3 final



UT2k3 maps links
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shok computerbooth dm-ppp-bpad x dm-quadzone3 dm-frozen
skies of morpheus unrealed ctf-twistedjungle dm-quadzone3-hf2 dm-besler
br-silysium x x ctf-marrog ctf-mesis ctf-biohazard

ut maps links
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dm-fade dm-dominis dm-door302 x dm-tresthe htr
link cyberspace AgenceRomraisin x x xan
redfate ctf-brutaldeluxe link dm-zerck nano dm-1on1-nano

07/05/28 -
[2k4 maps] :)

Redirect Server Checker

Description: Redirect Server Checker (RSC) is a utility to help keep your redirect servers in synch with your game server.
RSC will get a file list of your redirect (via http, ftp, or local file store) and compares it to files in a location you specify.
If a file is missing (maps, textures, etc) on the redirect, RSC will compress them and move them to a user specified folder.
Then you can move them where they need to go or let RSC ftp them to your server.

How to decompress files with RSC:

Download all of the files in the Redirect Directory:

Make a folder on your desktop called UT Compressed Files, put your download files in this folder

Make another new folder on your desktop named: UT Decompressed Files

Go to Settings/Game Version and make sure it's set to UT99
Download the file from and install the program.
This came from: link if u need help.

Download all of the files in the Redirect Directory:
Put them in a folder on your desktop called UT Compressed Files

Go to Settings\RSC Settings and make sure the following is set:

Path to ucc.exe: C:\UnrealTournament\System

Location to put compressed files: Leave Blank

Location to put decompressed files: C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Desktop\UT Decompressed Files

Cache Folder: C:\UnrealTournament\Cache

UT FTP Query Temp Folder: Leave Blank

Exit that area

Go to Extras/Decompress Batch File
Find the path to your folder on your desktop that you made (UT Compressed Files) and Select all of the files (highlight them).
Click on OPEN.
All of the files have now been decompressed to your UT Decompressed Files folder on your desktop.

close RSC.

Open the UT Decompressed Files folder on your desktop.

You will need to put each file in the proper directory in UT.


07/05/28 -
[2k4 maps] :)

ActorCLP is a mod that loads other mutators on server start. There are two types of mods.
Actors and packages. Actors are designed to run server side like ActorCLP, UTPure, Webadmin, etc.
Packages are items that get loaded, but affect the game play, like stuffswapper, unlimited ammo, relics, etc.

Here is a sample actorCLP line.


As you can see it loads Stuffswapper, Lowgravity, qannouncer, etc.
It starts the default map as DM-CMNSchool and the default gametype is Deathmatch.
This tool is very useful in the fact that it preloads all this on server startup.
Without it, you would have to relaod all these by hand in the mutators section of Webadmin.


07/05/28 -
[2k4 maps] :)

Maya Personal Learning Edition (PLE) size 240mb -- key 19681107


07/05/28 -
[2k4 maps] :)

ValkPack voicepack for unrealtournament, from young frankenstein

link ValkPack


It's showtime!
Who's your mommy?
You're being very naughty.

babevoice from Worms: Armageddon
link babevoice


you see that
one of many

use unreal services package explorer to listen to voice packs