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06/15/10 -
[Music] :)

Charles Ives -- Decoration Day
Keeping Score -- PBS
The Thanksgiving movement -- playing in two opposing keys

BATTLELORE -- finnish Summon the Wolves
Benighted - Identisick (2006)




06/15/10 -
[Music] :)

Yehudi Menuhin 1987

The Music of Man, Vol. 1: The Quiver of Life

The Music of Man, Vol. 2: The Flowering of Harmony

The Music of Man, Vol. 3: New Voices For Man

The Music of Man, Vol. 4: The Age of the Composer

The Music of Man, Vol. 5: The Age of the Individual

The Music of Man, Vol. 6: The Parting of the Ways

The Music of Man, Vol. 7: The Known and the Unknown

The Music of Man, Vol. 8: The Sound and Unsound

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

organic hallucinogen