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03/12/07 -
[tutorial] :)

It is designed to replace the Q3Map.exe that comes with QERadiant, GtkRadiant and GMAX Tempest.
However, there are significant enhancements that require a little twiddling to use, such as faster lighting and enhanced surface production.

Qfusion is a 3D rendering engine based on sources from Quake II code.

How to use FBSP (QFusion BSP) for compiling maps in FBSP use this version or q3map2:

add: '-game qfusion' to your cmd line parameters. (And you have to give the path to qfmap2.exe, of course).

Q3Map2 is a BSP compiler for Quake III engined games, and has partial support for Jedi Knight II and Soldier of Fortune 2.

Quake 3 Arena/Team Arena
Return to Castle Wolfenstien
Open Arena
ET Urban Terror
Soldier of Fortune II
Star Trek Elite Force
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Tenebrae (Quake1 Engine Modification Project)
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

10/18/06 -
[tutorial] :)


Skyboxes usually go in the gfx/env directory and need to be in a format
that the engine supports, TGA is probably the most common format.
Then load it with sky skyboxname or loadsky skyboxname, where skyboxname
is the common part of the names of the six skybox pictures.



10/19/06 -
[tutorial] :)

Cel Shading QUAKE3

Use the cel shading abilities of the Q3Map2 compiler made by ydnar.

Cel shading is a technique to make maps look more cartoon-like by putting black outlines around brushes and mapmodels.

To make a celshaded map, copy the cel.shader file that comes in the q3map2 zip file to your scripts folder.
Add "cel" to the shaderlist.txt file to make it available to the map compiler.
Open you map in Radiant and press N to bring up the Entity Inspector.
Select the "Worldspawn" entity and add a key named "_celshader" to it (including the _).
Give this key a value of "cel/ink".
Now when compiling your map (with Q3Map2 ofcourse), use the - meta commandline switch when compiling the BSP phase of your

To add an extra cartoon effect to the map, use only simple textures that are not too detailed.
Texures with just one color in them add a very unique effect to the way maps look.



10/18/06 -
[tutorial] :)

Making an AVI Quake Movie 101

1) You must use JoeQuakeGL joequake

2) You must have a good DivX codec divx

3) You must have your demo in quake\id1 (such as mygame.dem).
So look in c:\quake\id1
to see if your demo is where it needs to be.

4) Start JoeQuakeGL, using the -window parameter. Suggested command lines.

If your Quake is in c:\quake ...

Click Start, Click Run and type ....
c:\quake\joequake-gl.exe -window -width 640 -height 480 -zone 8192

Now go to the console by pressing Escape until you are there.

5) Execute these commands ...

capture_codec divx
capture_fps 15
host_framerate 15

capturedemo mydemo

(now patiently wait)

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