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GTKRadiant Tutorials

Below follow a series of tutorials on the use of GTKRadiant and the creation of maps for the game, Quake III Arena. These tutorials will be focused specifically on the Weapons Factory Arena modification, a user-made mod for quake3. Please make your selection below.

How to Build a WFA map

  • Tutorial 1 - Downloading, installing and configuring GTKRadiant.
  • Tutorial 2 - Building your first room; the basics of brushes, textures, and entities.
  • Tutorial 3 - Adjusting the spawn room; How to use the Clipping tool.
  • Tutorial 4 - The flag room; spotlights, doors, trigger_hurt and the flag.
  • Tutorial 5 - The flag room entances; three point clipping and a bug.
  • Tutorial 6 - Adding detail to the flag room; jump pads, curves and more three-point clipping.
  • Tutorial 7 - The main and balcony approaches.
  • Tutorial 8 - The midfield: sniper balcony, 2 bridges, water and fog.
  • Tutorial 9 - Details, details, details.
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