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::Favorite Maps::

DM-1 on 1 ][ntensity
small deathmatch map that is better suited for players that have mastered wall-jumping, but is playable for anyone.

...get it [here]

DM-Sand King
...get it [here]

Hayden's first UT2003 map....get it [here]

Updated Version Of Map!
get it [here]

CTF-Hall of Anubis
Slick_Willy's first map for UT2003...get it [here]

Deathmatch arena, plain and simple...get it [here]

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 ::[ October 20-26, 2002 ]::


.::UT2003 Build 2122 Beta 4 Patch ::. - Oct 24,02

  Even though I was gona wait...I decided to go on and install this beta patch.
I LOVE IT! I dont have any problems with it and everything is great. I love how you can change the opasity of the HUD and change the size. Also the announcer's voice can be lowered. Not including you can chat in the In-Game IRC chat program! w00t
Here is the some of the new features...

Changes since the last version:
- improved instagib beams
- no shooting through people in classic instagib (just like it was in UT), you can still shoot through them in zoom instagib
- fixed voicetype replication
- fixed CTF-Citadel KillZ
- fixed packages.md5 corruption bug
- 30 rockets max
- more server memory use fixes

  My bud from UnrealOps had the link to get it in our forums at UnrealOps Public Forums.  This is 'Beta' software and that R3V's Site, Unreal Ops, Epic or Digital Extremes DO NOT support this build. Use at your own risk!

...get the patch [here]

.::Genetic X Coming Soon::. - Oct 24, 02

As a fleet of marines returns from a training mission, they cannot get in contact with earth. Nobody replies or sends out any signals. As the fleet commands decide to go down, they get under heavy attack by unknown weapons. It seems to be a kind of plasma charge. Soon the brave Lieutenant decides to go down with his team to check out the situation on earth. Short time after their arrival, they see that earth is dead and has been overrun by dangerous creatures. So they grab equipment and return up to the fleet and report it to the other fleet ships and marines. As soon as they have mobilized their fleet ships and marines, they go down to earth to stand the most dangerous fight that has ever been fought.

You are taking on the role of the brave Lieutenant I just mentioned. You and your team are going to be fighting almost all the time.

Check out the site...[here] - Oct 24, 02

 I joined the staff of to be there graphix designer. I love helping out other webmasters with there sites! If you would like me to design u somethin like a banner or signature or w/e just contact me.

Check out...[]


  Utspy gives you the chance to easily view the status of a server, perfect for viewing clan match status...

Get Utspy...[here]

.::10 Sweet New UT2K3 Maps::. - Oct 24, 02

.::Fragball Interview::. - Oct 23, 02

  Unrealism had the chance to interview Fragbert and Slewfoot on their Mod, Fragball. Go read the interview...[ here]

.::Asia Carrera/aka 'megabitchgoddess' Interview::.

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.::Other News::.

October 24, 2002

  Welcome newest staff member to the site "blisskin68". He will handle most of the news for this site! Welcome to the team!

October 23, 2002

  Joined the staff over at to be there graphics designer. Hope that we get it lookin nice soon!

October 22, 2002

  Funny shat link added to the left NAV bar. Check it out there will be some funny links being updated to that section in the near future!

October 20, 2002

  The new maps...
DECK17 and ][ntensity was added today to the website. Not much news as of now peace!

October 18, 2002

  We joined the IGL league today. We joined the UT 2K3 IGLowG Team BR 135 spd ladder. More news to come!

October 17, 2002

  My latest wallpaper...plz go and review it and post ur thoughts! View and get it... [here]

  Ex1t, Dragonsai, and I can't wait till [11/02] because we get to go compete in the CPL UT2003 Qualifier Tournament in Lewisville. Also ex1t and I get to meet our teamate Dragonsai for the first time there! Good Luck to us! err whish us luck...hehe

October 12, 2002

   A big welcome to  SPY  makin the team....good job spy!
   We signed up for CAL. I was the first person to register a team on there. WOOHOO!i feel proud leave me alone.heheh.long wait for them to open up. Now we are in! Also thanks to for allowing link exchange!

October 8, 2002

   A big thanks to
UnrealXtreme,UT2003UKCommunity, for allowing banner exchange from/to both sites. Also now I have a page dedicated to the console commads. Thanks to UT2003 UK Community and clanspunk. Also have the Weapons and Maps page up!

October 7, 2002

   Thanks to my good buddy Tycho from UnrealOps, he gave us a forum over there on his site. Everyone check that out [here]

October 5, 2002

   Thanks to Dales UT2K3 Database we have been added to there site! Thanks Dale. There button was added below but you can also visit it [here]

October 4, 2002

  w00t. Would you like a new start up logo for UT2003...
Get it [here]

September 25, 2002

   Thank you UnrealOps for adding this site to your many Fansites.
   Also thanks to UT2003 Community for makin us top 10 links on there site, and also linking us from there site!

September 24, 2002
   Atari today announced that the trial version of Unreal Tournament 2003, one of the most anticipated PC games of 2002, has already become one of the most popular game demo debuts of all time with.....Read more [here]

September 15, 2002

   Site link..the only vistors was me refreshing the page! lol

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